The Dos and Don’ts at Your Works Xmas Do: The Christmas Party Dresses You should Wear and What NOT to Say!


We’re all friends at the office until someone embarrasses themselves at the works do! It’s a bit of a cray balance to strike because your manager is buying you drinks, your smoking hot co-worker is flirting with you and everyone is encouraging you to go 2007-Britney wild in general.


So how do you make sure you wake up with some hella-good memories as the social butterfly that you are, and an ego twinkling with compliments about your Christmas party dress? (Opposed to a nauseous wreck with major regret about telling the MD he’s a babe?)


Well here at Jane, we’ve woken up with one-too-many doses of beer fear to let the same thing happen to our girls. If you’re wary because this is your first Christmas do, bear our dos and don’ts in mind and check out some new-season style advice right here.


The Dos and Don’ts


DO make the most of free drinks if your company is offering – after all, you work hard all year! For your first do, we’d suggest turning down the shots. You can never be sure what tequila will do to a sister, and you don’t want to find out because you blacked out dancing on the tables.


DON’T comment on any gossip. Particularly when bevs are involved, giving your opinion on someone’s long bathroom breaks or their weird boyfriend is unwise to say the least.


DO go all-out with your garms, and browse our stunning Christmas party dresses. How often can a girl wear whatever she likes without being asked what she’s dressing up for? Yes, we hate it when you get asked that on a Tuesday morning. And yes, we ignore them and carry on werking it.
Th ink maxi dresses, luxe materials, brights and heels that make your jaw drop – you’re worth it girl.


DON’T combine plunge tops and miniskirts. Of course, you can if you want to, but you might feel a little uncomfortable when you’re chatting to that middle-aged guy from finance. Awesome rule: if you wouldn’t wear it in front of your grandparents, you probably don’t want to wear it in front of your manager.




DO go wild and choose trousers or culottes for a unique Christmas party look.You’ll stand out from the crowd and look next-level chic at the same time. In fact, you’ll probably be everyone’s inspiration for next year.


DON’T ignore the dress code. Not everyone loves dresses and heels, but if the dress code says black tie, you’ll feel out of place if you turn up in trainers and jeans. Jumpsuits make a fabulous alternative to baring your legs.



DO choose sequins and glitter. It’s your chance to be an A-lister – you’re probably going to be discovered tonight TBH.


DON’T go overboard on sparkle.OK, yes it’s hard when your inner goddess glistens naturally. If you’re wearing separates, make sure only one piece is sequinned, and when you’re rocking a glittery dress, choose understated accessories.



DO make sure that you do you.You don’t have to put on a show – these guys know you and let’s be honest, they probably love you. Just keep your wits about you and concentrate on having a fab time!


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