Maxi dresses have long been a favourite of ours for summer holidays and but come winter there doesn’t seem to be much place for them in our calendar (sob!)
Wearing them might be out of the question at the moment because of the hideous weather but that’s not to say you shouldn’t be thinking about them. As you’re starting to make plans for 2018, be they weddings or holidays, we can guarantee that at the least one of them calls for a maxi dress or three. And this is where our multiway dresses come in…

What is a multiway dress?

We’ve all been in that situation – you’ve got the perfect dress for a special event but you only wore it last weekend. If you’re anything like us, you’re actually probably still untagging yourself from any unflattering Facebook pics featuring you wearing said dress. Sound familiar?
A multiway does what it says on the tin – it’s basically a dress that you can wear multiple ways! With some slight and simple wrapping, knotting and twisting you can create several looks out of the same maxi dress. This basically means that you can wear it again and again and no-one will be none the wiser!

Do I need a multiway dress?

There is literally so much to love when it comes a full length AKA maxi dress. They’re elegant and stylish, they’re great for formal events and whenever we put them on it’s our chance to look and feel like a million dollars. So you can totally see why having one that you can wear so many different ways would be even better!


Rather than having to dig through the wardrobe for something else, or going shopping at the very last minute and choosing something you’re not completely in love with, multiway maxi dresses let you adapt your look however you want and you can change things up with different accessories too.
You’ll have a fresh, smoking-hot new look each time you wear yours, turning you into the designer and the model at the same time!


How do I wear a multiway dress?


So, now you know what a multiway maxi dress is, how do you wear it? Well, this is the fun part. Rather than trying on countless outfits for the next big photo op in your social calendar, you can take one dress and wear it whichever way makes you feel most babelicious – how amazing is that?!

Take this gorge berry multiway maxi dress for example. You can wear it as a one shoulder, a halter, or with a crossed front, and you’ll be werking a killer new look each time.


When could I wear a multiway maxi dress?

One of the best places to wear your stunning new gown is to a wedding, especially if you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid. If you’re the bride-to-be, you can make sure your girls look super stylish together, without being too matchy-matchy. Pick up the gold or silver multiway bridesmaid dresses and let them tie theirs in a unique way for the big day.

Wedding guest dresses can be a tricky buy too – you’ll want to slay without taking ALL the attention off the bride (it’s hard for you girl, we know). Look and feel amazing in pastels that are just beautiful for those spring weddings.


If you’re a floral fan then we have the perfect dress for your beach holiday. This floral multiway maxi dress will make you look A-MAZING whether you’re sipping cocktails in town or just laying back and soaking up the sun. All eyes will be on you, trust us!

Valentine’s Day is coming up too – as if you needed a reminder! If you’re doing something extra special a multiway maxi dress is a hot choice. For a ridiculously incredible look to make their jaw drop, look no further than this show-stopping red version…