Just as it started to seem that Prince Harry would never marry, along came the hugely talented and totally gorgeous Meghan Markle!


While we admit that we’re still slightly devastated that our chances of becoming an actual princess any time soon are now basically over, we’re super happy for Harry.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Meghan Markle is literally the opposite of a girl idly waiting around for a prince to rescue her. Meghan has proven herself as a hard-working actress as well as an activist and she’s about to add the title of Her Royal Highness to her resume too.


We’re talking here about a girl who successfully campaigned to get a company to change a national television commercial she viewed as sexist – at just 11 years old. About a woman who has handled an insane amount of press surrounding her and her royal beau’s courtship with nothing but class and decorum.


Since Harry proposed while they were roasting a chicken last November (yes, really), Meghan’s whole life, past and present, has been under a microscope. She’s been the victim of numerous racist and sexist comments, towards her and her family, but has always handled the heat like an absolute queen!


With Madame Tussauds unveiling their statues of the happy couple earlier this week, here are the three things that we love about Ms Markle most…

She represents girl power

Meghan once famously wrote in a blog post: “I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches – I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works.” She describes herself as a ‘self-proclaimed feminist’ and has voiced her support for gender equality on numerous occasions. As an advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women with the UN, Meghan has visited female refugees in places such as Rwanda, where she also supported the World Vision’s Clean Water Campaign in 2016.


It all started when she heard two classmates say: “That’s where women belong – in the kitchen” after watching an advert for dishwashing liquid. She got them to change the advert after writing a letter to none other than Hillary Clinton, proving that she has been a total badass for time!


She cares about worthy causes

Meghan’s involvement in charity is said to be one of the things that first attracted Prince Harry to her in the first place. The soon-to-be married couple have asked for donations to seven chosen charities instead of wedding gifts but Meghan became involved with worthy causes long before she was set to marry Harry.


Meghan is a former ambassador for charity World Vision – an international charity devoted to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children – who she worked with from 2016-17. Prior to her work with World Vision she was a councellor for One Young World, which aims to “gather young leaders from around the world, help them make lasting connections & create positive change.” and spoke at their summits in Dublin (2014) and in Ottawa (2016).


She has an a-mazing dress sense

As well as being a true #femaleboss, Meghan has also earned her fashion stripes on more than a few occasions. We are currently waiting to see which designer Meghan’s wedding dress will be made by, with British designers Christopher Bailey and Erdem both rumoured, as well as Australian design duo Ralph & Russo.


Stealing her style has now become almost impossible with more or less everything that she’s seen wearing selling out in an instant and she has recently been labelled ‘the most powerful woman in fashion’. Here are some of our favourite fashion moments from Meghan – past and present!