Spring is upon us ladies and it’s not long until summer will start rearing its beautiful head. We think we speak for everyone when we say, YAY! If you’re anything like us though, you’ll be amping up your exercise regime in an effort to feel good come June and that poses a bit of a dilemma.


We want to sit in the garden devouring burgers and sipping G&Ts every time the sun pops into view, but we also have the urge to become gym bunnies. We know we’d feel incredible running down a beach, Baywatch style, if we could get miraculously fit (or at least if we could walk down a beach without getting a stitch).



Well amazingly, a few of the girls at Jane have started early this year and found that some exercises can actually be fun! Stay with us. Before you think we’ve lost our marbles, read on for Jane’s fave spring/summer activities to get your pulse racing.


Adult Trampolining

Let’s face it, at Primary School we all loved it when the trampolines were pulled out of the store cupboards. If you haven’t been near one for a few years, you might be pretty surprised that you will DEFINITELY still love it now. Some genius decided to stuff gyms and parks with trampolines and host fitness classes on them – and basically, it is INSANE fun. Try Go Air, Jump Nation, or Boogie Bounce to find a class near you.


You could burn 100 to 200 calories in half an hour – perhaps more, depending on your instructor and your weight. With around 97 calories per shot of gin and calorie-free tonics in existence, why not treat yourself to that G&T afterwards? You deserve it.


Adult Play Centre

Another Einstein thought this one up; the second activity on our list and the second that is meant to be for kids but has THE BEST adult sessions. You’ll be lucky if there is one of these near you, look up Play Zone and The Play Factory or Google ‘adult play centre’ to find out. Essentially, you’re going to run through tunnels, frolic in ball pits, dance under disco lights and – the best part – the bar is usually open!


This one is probably as indulgent as it is effective, but it’s got to burn quite a few calories if you really get into it, right?


Ball Pit



OK so, this combo of dance, music and martial arts has been around since the 16th century – how have we never heard of it? There’s nothing like Capoeira to make you feel powerful and sexy. Head to Martial Arts Near You to find a venue and get moving! Don’t worry if you’re a little intimidated – take a pal along too for moral support.


Yet another reason to take it up, an hour of Capoeira can burn a whopping 500 calories! Enjoy a large glass of dry white wine in a beer garden and you’ll still have over half of these calories to spare.



Rent a rowing boat with family or a couple of friends and get going at your closest lake! You’ll be killing calories and soaking up fresh air in one! Winner.


Unless you’re planning to row constantly, it’s hard to predict how much you’ll burn, but even if you row for 15 minutes total, you’ll be somewhere between the 100 and 200 calorie marks – not to be sniffed at! An hour on the lake will probably work up your appetite for a quenching vodka and soda at the local pub.



We 100% want to hear how these exercise ideas pan out for you guys – let us know on Facebook or Twitter and shop stylish, quality activewear at Jane Norman today to get you started!