Hey girls! Is it just us, or do you find that people always think you’ve been through a breakup when you change your hair?
We think that’s a combo of two things. One, we can be pretty stubborn once we’ve found a style that suits us; and second, if we are tempted to revamp it’s usually when we are trying to make a positive overhaul, to feel better about ourselves.
But sometimes, we just get tired of the same old style. YOLO and all that – hair can be re-styled or grown back after all! So whether you’ve had your heart broken or you’re simply stuck in a rut, these dos will show the world that you’re a new woman!


The Wob


Every girl who ever wanted a bob but couldn’t commit to daily styling will love the wavy bob or ‘the Wob’. You don’t have to be too brave as this look works with all bobs; from chin-length to grown-out shoulder skimmers.
Simply wash, spritz with texturizing spray and dry, then use curling tongs to add some loose waves – without curling the ends. The little flick at the bottom will keep it looking natural and you can finish the look with no-shine hairspray. This style is a dream because you can dress it up with straighteners and product for smarter events, but it makes a low-maintenance do for every day.





Wear it with:


Whatever you like! The versatility of the Wob is its best quality, but such a cool do will earn major style points when teamed with something grungy. This season think velvet leggings, a cold-shoulder cable knit jumper and the classic parka for effortless cool.



The Gatsby


Another beauty if you’re considering the chop, this do gives short-haired girls a smart option for posh occasions. It goes without saying that the look draws on 1920s style à la The Great Gatsby.
To master: wash and blow-dry hair into an extreme side parting – using a curling brush to add volume – then spritz with hairspray. Section hair into ten or twelve 2 square inch pieces and curl forwards with a large-barrelled curling iron. Then use section grips to place the curls where you want them to sit and spray liberally with hairspray.
After ten or fifteen minutes take the grips out and brush your curls softly. Then replace them, re-spray and leave to set for as long as possible before removing the grips again. And voila! You’ve never felt so sophisticated.





Wear it with:


It seems a shame to waste this barnet if your outfit isn’t going to pack a punch. Go uber-glamorous for a big event with faux fur, sequin and sparkle.


The Down Up-Do


Low side partings were all over the catwalk for AW16. To own this simple look, just wash and blow-dry straight, before sweeping back into a low ponytail. Finish with a generous amount of hairspray for sleek, shiny locks.





Wear it with:


The down up-do is minimalist yet striking and your outfit should reflect this vibe. LBDs and LRDs will ensure that all eyes are on you.



So now you know which hair styles we’re crushing on this season. Let us know which ones you’re going to try out on Facebook and browse show-stopping garms at Jane Norman today.