Calling all 2018 brides – if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to sort out your bridesmaid dresses!


Whether you’ve received an impromptu proposal or have just left it all a bit last minute, give yourself one less thing to worry about by letting us take care of your girls’ dresses.

Have it your way


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – our multiway dresses are what wedding dreams are made of. The possibility of having one dress that can suit so many different shapes and sizes is a godsend.


For example, if one of your bridesmaids loves to show off her legs while the other is self-conscious about her boobs, both can wear the same dress and still feel fabulous!


Multiway dresses also give you the opportunity to put your own individual stamp on your day with the help of your girls – whether you want each bridesmaid to rock a unique style of their choice, or you want them all to match perfectly.



Save yourself a wedge


The purse-pleasing prices of our multiways and maxis also deserve a mention! Weddings are notoriously expensive, so scoring stylish bridesmaid dresses for £55 each or less is almost too good to be true.


The extra cash will definitely come in handy later down the line if you need to find some for those last-minute adjustments!




Say yes to the bridesmaid dress!


Whether you’re looking for something long, short, light or bright, you’ve come to the right place. Make it a day to remember with a dress that will make any bridesmaid look and feel amazing – even if they don’t catch the bouquet!



How to NOT be a Bridezilla

If there’s anything that’s almost as equally exciting and nerve-wracking as being a bride, being a bridesmaid has to be up there. Even though plenty of people acknowledge how overwhelming it is for the new Mrs X, few people consider the stressed bridesmaids in amongst the confetti!


Don;t forget that being a bridesmaid can be stressful whether you know what dress she’s going to be wearing yet or not! The pressures of planning the ‘perfect’ day can make even the loveliest of ladies turn a bit cray and let the stress gets the better of them sometimes. If you’re worried that you are turning into a bit of ‘bridezilla’ then read on…


Remember why you asked her to be your bridesmaid in the first place!


If you’ve actually asked her to be your bridesmaid it’s likely that she’s either a close friend or a relative of some sort. That means you’ve probably known her long enough to know how much she can take and love her enough to have her there in the first place!


Just keep remembering that even though you’re stressed planning a wedding, the satin shoe will be on the other foot if/when she asks you to be her bridesmaid in future!


Ask for help


The point of having bridesmaids isn’t just to have them plan a banging hen do, but to also help in the run up to the big day. If having someone to run a few small errands would make a massive difference, then ask! Nobody expects you to pull off the perfect wedding on your own and your bridesmaid is likely to want to help too. After all, a little goes a long way when it comes to planning a wedding!


Be reasonable


We get that you want everything to be just right but if she is trying to tell you something – listen! Be it that she don’t think your/her dress is right or if the DJ you’ve chosen looks weird, she’s only doing it because she has your best interests at heart. Don’t fall out with the girls who’ve been there for you since the start – there’s no point crying over spilled Prosecco, after all!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


Yes, there’s a lot to sort but don’t forget that getting hitched is actually meant to be enjoyable! Not only have you invested a lot of time and money into being a bride but you’ve probably encountered your fair share of stress too. The hard part is almost over; now go and get practicing for that Conga line!