How often do we hear ‘New Year, New Me’ being thrown around?
It’s probably a bit wild to try and change yourself completely overnight – and let’s be honest girl, why would you want to? – but making resolutions is a fun way to motivate yourself through our least favourite month. Even if they are easier said than done!
Here at Jane, we usually go overboard so we’ve decided to limit ourselves to one each in 2017 – quality not quantity and all that! If you’ve resolved to freshen up your look this year, we can definitely help you there.
Check out make-over inspiration to start 2017 off with a bang! Whether it’s a new hair colour or a wardrobe rethink, here are some ideas from Jane if you’re thinking about changing things up for the New Year.


Go Grey


Not from stress but from style. It seems insane that this look has only become chic in the past two years or so – it looks so HOT! We don’t think it’s ever going out of fashion.
While you’re young and full of confidence, why not try out this daring look? 2017 could be the year of the edgy, silver-haired you. YOLO!
Celebs that have rocked this look include: Rita Ora, Lady Gaga and YouTube star Zoella.


Get The Chop!


Our new favourite hairstyle is getting ever more popular as we move into 2017. In case you haven’t seen it before, say hello to the slicked-back bob.
Have you ever seen a look so sharp, statement-making and yet easy to master? Well you might not know the last part yet, but we promise it is. Find out how to achieve it here.
Of course this works on any length of hair but you’ll feel coolest and bravest if you go for a shoulder-length chop. And it might just be our personal fave length!



Revamp Your Gym Wardrobe!


Your life is one-of-a-kind and you never know what could happen – even at the gym! So if you’re going for a wardrobe overhaul, it’d be cool to include your workout garms in that. We all know those girls who look great while they’re on the treadmill and make your old tee and joggers feel like jimjams.
We’re not saying we’d opt for a full face of makeup but these pretty, comfy pieces from ElleSport at Jane Norman will keep you looking stylish while you’re getting a sweat on. As your mum says, ‘life is not a rehearsal’ and it’s great to feel great in a place where you (aim to) spend a good few hours of your time!



Embrace Dark Florals and Romantic Shapes!


The AW 16/17 catwalk showed us that florals aren’t just for summer! Why not add on-trend romantic shapes and dark florals to your winter wardrobe for a super-sexy yet feminine style.



Find all this and more new-season style at Jane Norman, as well as plenty of gorge sale items suited to January pockets. Have you made any resolutions this year? We want to hear about it! If you’re going for a make-over, we’d love to hear what look you’re going for. Fill us in on Facebook or Twitter today!