Friends of Jane, let us paint you a little picture:


It’s June. The weather is amazing (for the UK) and you’re sitting in the sun with your pals, all of you feeling like Insta models. It only takes one comment from your friend who’s a bit of a party animal to sew the seed of a last-minute night out in your mind.


For some reason a cheeky ice lolly, an ice-cold bevvy in the sun and a bit of boho jewellery is all it takes to make us feel like supermodels, with all the time in the world to party. Who needs to worry about funding a night out or going to college/work the next day with less than eight hours of beauty sleep?


That’s right, not us. Or not today, when we’re living in this L.A. daydream at least.


But what to wear? You won’t be caught short with nothing to hand if you’re prepped with Jane’s last-minute summer night out capsule!

The basic bottoms

We’re sure your bottom is anything but basic; though you’ll need a few stylish options to wrap around it, which are versatile and match with most of the tops in your capsule.



Trends ticked off: ruffles, culottes, lace inserts, monochrome prints, trumpet hems, pastels and large, graphic florals. Phew!


The show-topping tops

Sometimes getting ready for an unexpected night out means your outfit is the evening equivalent of ‘jeans and a nice top’. A gorgeous top half can make a statement even if you’re wearing it with a plain black pencil skirt.



Trends ticked off: Stripes, frills, flute sleeves, Bardot and bright, bold prints to name a few.


The hottest heels of the season

Reason we love summer, number 176,450: we finally get to wear sandals and peep toes without losing a foot to frostbite!


Trends ticked off: Caging, fringe, metallics and pointed toes.


The beaut handbags

Carry your keys and purse around in new-season style on your impromptu night out.


Trends ticked off: snake print, fringing and pastels.