We know Christmas is all about taking some well-deserved time off and relaxing with your friends and family. But indulging too much in December will only mean you’re going to feel sluggish come January…and let’s face it the January blues are bad enough!
Staying on top of your health and fitness can be tricky over the festive period. There are parties, get togethers and endless meals out – not to mention the temptation to curl up on the sofa and eat comfort foods when it’s dark and cold outside.
So to help keep your energy up and fitness on-point Jane has put together a guide to Christmas fitness. We know calories aren’t everything, but over Christmas it feels like there are more calories in everything! So we’ve broken down those tempting Christmas treats and taken a look at a few exercises that we can all do to balance out the indulgence.


Mince Pies: 289 calories

If this sounds like a lot to you, and it took us by surprise too, don’t worry! Luckily, spinning is the latest trend in cool, fun exercise and after a half hour class you can enjoy one of Santa’s favourites guilt-free.
Or, grab a pal for a festive get together and spend an hour swimming lengths in the pool. We can’t promise you won’t want to go for a cheeky Christmas beverage afterwards though, but at least you’ve earned it!
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Mulled Wine: 134 calories a glass

Speaking of festive drinks, did you know that mulled wine contains 134 calories a glass? That’s surprisingly low right? You don’t even have to go to the gym for this one; you can burn off 134 calories with 20 minutes of skipping – we think that’s a fair trade for our favourite festive drink.
Since it’s Christmas, get any nephews, nieces or little cousins involved in your exercises – you’d be surprised how much fun you can have and it’ll blow your mind watching kids actually enjoy exercise!


Roast Potatoes: 200 calories each

If you’re anything like us you’ll pile your plate high with roast potatoes during Christmas dinner. Surprise, surprise, these tasty treats are 200 calories per roast potato and each one would require 30 minutes of cardio to burn off.
We will happily take to the treadmill and crank up the Christmas tunes once a week this December, but we might have to write a few potatoes off as a festive treat. After all, what’s Christmas without roasties?!


Cheese and Biscuits: 500 calories

500 calories accounts for two portions of cheese and biscuits on average – because let’s be honest, you’ll probably eat two portions!
If you loathe cardio, HIIT training will be your dream come true, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. It stands for high-intensity interval training and combines fast bursts of intense exercise, with short recovery periods in between. Go for a 40 minute class with a friend for a new experience and you can savour every mouthful of those cheese and biscuits.
When you don’t fancy hitting the gym you can replicate HIIT at home with forty minutes of short sprints countered by arm exercises (use tins of beans for weights if you don’t have any), or try step-ups and step-downs on your stairs at home to get the blood pumping



A Glass of Champagne: 111 calories

Whether it’s to toast to the New Year or the champagne is flowing at your office party, there’s bound to be some sparkling wine around over the holidays.
Indulge in a bit of active me-time on the rowing machine and listen to a podcast – you’ll have worked off a glass of fizzy within ten minutes!


Left-Over Turkey Sandwich: 480 calories

A Boxing Day favourite, a cold turkey sandwich has 480 calories. Again, not surprising if you consider how delicious they are! You’ll need all of that energy when you go ice-skating later though – an hour and 5 minutes on the ice and you’ll say goodbye to those calories.

So, it turns out festive activities aren’t always bad for you! As an added motivation, why not treat yourself to some new work-out wear this December? Jane’s gorgeous collection of Elle Sports kit is fashion-forward and high performance. Think of it as a little early Christmas pressie to you, from you!