There’s like a gazillion articles on the subject but we don’t need telling that January can be a pants time. We’re all feeling more bloated than a Christmas turkey, with a turkey’s bank balance and social calendar to match. The third Monday of the year – Blue Monday – is actually reported to be the most depressing day of the whole year – and how bleak is that?
But we will not be beaten! It might be a big change from December partying but there is still so much to enjoy when the weather and your financial situation are seriously lacking va-va-voom. Even if you are hilariously adding the torture of a resolution or two – are we punishing ourselves for having had too much fun?!
We want to help you to get through it and enjoy yourselves along the way, so we’ve made this list of things to make you smile, even when your mood is as grey as the weather! Don’t forget, 2017 you has been through a lot over the past few days – granted it’s been self-inflicted – so go easy on her!

Change Your Bed Sheets


Don’t underestimate the treat factor here. When you’re feeling blue after those first days back at work, an early night with a clean, cosy duvet and a good few episodes of a new show to binge on will leave you in the lap of luxury.
N.B. this is even better when it’s raining outside and you can hear it quietly landing on your window… bliss.

…When duvet dresses actually become a thing, our lives will be complete.


Take On A New Box Set


So you can binge-watch, you’ll need to find a new show first! Watching the box is one of our fave things to do as a nation, and when we have plenty of evenings coming up with little cash, it’s no surprise.
Escape from the reality of empty Quality Street boxes, waking up and coming home in the dark with one of our top Netflix picks this Jan.


1. Haters Back Off

Prepare yourself for some lols with Miranda Sings – a fictional YouTube ‘star’ determined to get famous, no matter what.

2. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective’s Agency

Down-on-his-luck Todd meets the super-odd detective Dirk Gently and is swept into a terrifying, otherworldly murder investigation. Such a gripping plot, although not for squeamish viewers TBF.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The team at Brooklyn Nine-Nine are not like any police you’ve ever imagined. Episode plots are hilar but the best part is the characters, as they are so well-developed, loveable and pure comedy gold.


Follow The Cutest Dog On Instagram!


Dug the mini dachshund is an Instasensation for good reason. We challenge you to look at his ‘holiday season is over’ face and not feel better about the whole thing!
Dug’s daily updates will definitely help you through a dreary commute.
Speaking of Instagram, we’re sure you already follow our page for bants and those all-important new season and sale updates, so…


Take Advantage of Ridiculously Low Sale Prices!


You’ll find great prices on your fave new garms in the Jane Norman sale – even a turkey could afford these beauties – although they probably wouldn’t pull them off as well as you!


Wash Your Makeup Brushes


We’re just saying – they’ve probably been used A LOT over the party season. Even if you can’t afford to experiment with new palettes this month, fresh, clean brushes are more hygienic and your makeup will look better – exactly what a megababe deserves.
So if you haven’t done it recently, why not make them look their best.


Cook A Delish Healthy Meal


The only bonus to the end of binge-eating December is that we’ve usually gone off overly sugary and carby food for a while. That way, you can cook something delicious that you can FEEL doing you good without feeling majorly hard done to.
We’d recommend anything that involves roast veggies and homemade sweet potato fries. If you’re still feeling seriously deprived of TLC then you can finish off with a spare mince pies and custard but if you’re going the whole healthy hog, opt for a fruit salad. Oh, the vitamins!


Get Back Into Your Gym Routine


We know you’re groaning, but honestly, the sooner the better! A bit of exercise will help you snap back into your busy schedule and get those divine endorphins swimming around your hat rack. Also, a new focus will particularly help if you’re trying to banish dry Jan cravings, FYI.
If you’re looking for some extra motivation, invest in stylish, versatile workout wear from ElleSport at Jane Norman – bye bye holiday blues!



Do you have any other instant mood boosters that might jolly us through January? Spill the beans on Facebook or Twitter today!