It seems that some girls look great no matter what they wear, how busy they’ve been or how tired they are. You know the girls we mean: hair ‘thrown’ up in a messy bun, rocking jeans and pumps while still looking like a mega babe!
Well here at Jane, we’ve done some serious analysis – and spent a good long while stalking our girl crushes in the process – and we’ve compiled a list of tips and secrets to looking low-key fabulous. Trust us, it’s not as effortless as it looks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it too!


Master the Up-Do


The biggest fashion con of all time – the casual up-do is anything but thrown up and each tendril of hair is well-placed.
How too master it:

  1. Tie your hair into a loose ponytail as high as you’d like it.
  2. Pull a couple of pieces away from the bobble to frame your face and you can also loosen the hair around your ears so you can tuck it behind them.
  3. Section the hair in your ponytail into two pieces and gently backcomb, then hairspray.
  4. Wrap the two pieces of hair around your ponytail, one going clockwise and the other, anti-clockwise.
  5. Finally, use hair grips to hold your hair in place with the end of each piece freely dangling to create the ‘messy’ effect. And voila!


For more takes on the messy up-do, this blog features some great how-tos.


Balance Your Shapes


Casual fashionistas often wear big loose jumpers or coats and boyfriend jeans which would make us look scruffy and enormous as anything. Or so we think! One thing to notice is that they never wear these uber-comfortable garms together – one oversized item is always countered by something fitted. Alexa Chung is the master of this look.
To recreate it, think large, statement pieces on the upper body and something simple and skinny on your lower half. This cable knit poncho and classic mid blue skinny jeans do the job perfectly; particularly if you roll the ankles up slightly for added accidental cool.
Or, reverse the formula and go loose statement piece on the bottom, and pair with a simple, fitted top. Balancing your shapes might seem obvious but achieving this when you’ve woken up late and half your clothes are in the laundry basket is a difficult skill to master.
Get the look with these perfect pairings…



Take Tips from French Beauties


French IT girl style is currently our raison d’etre when we’re getting up in the morning. From Vanessa Paradis to Audrey Tautou and Marion Cotillard, they embody simple yet spectacular style. Here are some of our favourite timeless French trends:
1. The super-sexy bright red lip.
This is normally worn with minimal other makeup, at all times as a kind of signature.
2. Androgyny.
Mixing femininity and masculinity in their clothing and hair styling has a striking impact on the red carpet. Think structured, feminine hair with a shirt, tapered trousers and flat pumps.
3. The formal blazer and casual t-shirt combo.
Smart yet easy and comfortable, this is the ultimate in wantable style.




Take inspiration from French model Ophelie Guillermand who has the effortless chic style perfected.
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Last but not least: don’t underestimate the use of accessories; they can make an outfit go from drab to fab in an instant, with barely any effort at all.
Pick unusual items with a vintage feel – we’re not just talking pearls and diamonds but glasses, headscarves, unique jewellery, capes etc. Look to the french models Pauline Hoarau, Camille Hurel and Aya Jones for inspo.



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Now you know how to rock this style, browse laid-back fashion at Jane Norman today. Who are your favourite effortlessly gorgeous celebs? Will you be trying out our tips? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.