Hot Women’s Loungewear and Binge-Worthy Box Sets to Get You Through the Christmas Gap

You’ve eaten your body weight in turkey and chocolate and somehow you’re still hungry. The idea of putting on a pair of jeans – or GOD FORBID your NYE outfit – chills you to the core, yet you’re still in the happy coma that only comes with time off work or college, and 25 Christmas presents.


Everyone has their own traditions for filling in that weird gap between Christmas and New Year but yours might not be as unique as you think. If you crack open a new box set on Netflix and don’t change out of your loungewear for three days, then we have something in common.


Check out our edit of gorgeous nightwear and pyjamas, and the box sets we’re itching to watch.


The Onesies


Extra extra points if you buy the same one for your sister and twin around for days on the sofa.

Both of these onesies are super-soft and have ears on the hood, so you can hide your face when you go to the shop and walk into that total babe from down the street.


The Two-Pieces

Two-pieces are a girl’s best friend, if the girl in question needs to wee quite often or loves the layering game because she gets too hot easily. Choose stripes or leopard print and a slogan (obv) for a pyjama set that is totally Instagram-worthy. Most honest #OOTD post ever.


The Nighties and the Dressing Gowns

Layer a plush dressing gown over your nightie for a look that sca-reams Hollywood starlet. Grab a box of chocs and get snuggled up right now.


What We’re Watching

Once Upon a Time

We all need a bit of magic in our lives once in a while – particularly when it comes with a TV show that is packed with total cheese. Follow the main character as she is drawn to a little town where fairy tales are real. We told you it’s cheesy!


13 Reasons Why

If you missed it, the first season of 13 Reasons Why knocked everyone’s socks off a few months ago. Now’s the time to catch up before you become a social outsider, because season two is coming out in 2018.


Vampire Diaries

The leading lady has to choose between two, hot vampire brothers (boo hoo for her) and there are eight seasons of pure gold to binge on. It’s like Twilight in TV form – you won’t want to miss this.


If you’re posting pictures of you and your girls sitting around in your fave loungewear, we want to see them! Tag us on Insta @janenorman_int and we’ll regram the best one.