We’re guessing your mum – like ours – will have told you that fashion trends come and go all the time, when you laughed at photos of her wearing shoulder pads in the ‘80s – well you could fry an egg on our faces after AW17 fashion month. But some trends have actually lost their cool status or faded into the woodwork in our own lifetimes! We’re talking ‘90s and ‘00s garms and hair styles that we adored, that disappeared as though they’d never return – only to come back in the last couple of years.


With some of our lovely customers finishing Uni in the next few weeks and some of you – like us – wishing you were back there, we’re feeling a little nostalgic. Check out five of our favourite trends that were cool in the nineties or the noughties, and are making us look babelicious again today!

Exposed corsetry

Underwear as outerwear was huge in the ‘00s and most of us are appropriately ashamed of our behaviour when it came to wearing corset tops with low-rise jeans and carrying corset-shaped handbags. *bleurgh*


Most people seem to think we were inspired by Christina Aguilera, P!nk and Co. when they made the soundtrack for Moulin Rouge, and we rightfully thought – if Xtina can do it, why can’t we?


Well, these days, we’re happy to reaffirm that corsets are back merely as accessories to give low-key outfits some luxe detailing, to give loose silhouettes some structure, or to inspire the shape of dresses and give them that sensual edge. You’re much more likely to see pastels, rich colours and suede than black sateen…


Christina & Co. in 2001:

Twitter / @Celebrity_See


Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner

Twitter / @Life_and_Style


Kendall Jenner

Twitter/ @Balmain


If you’re feeling nervous, take a tentative step towards this trend with a corset-inspired dress from Jane Norman.



Chokers – although not the fabric and tattoo versions we wear today obv – have been in and out of fashion for literally HUNDREDS of years. Talk about a long shelf life. Here at Jane some of us rocked them, and some of us remember our older sisters working them, but either way we know that they were the coolest accessory since sliced bread in the ‘90s (sure, that makes sense).


Since around 2013 chokers have been back on the horizon, and since 2016 particularly they’ve been going off with a bang. Mostly thanks to the likes of Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevigne.


Drew Barrymore in the early ‘90s

Twitter / @modernwstitches


Kendell Jenner in 2017

Twitter / @WhoWhatWearAU,/p>

More new-season chokers coming soon to Jane Norman…


Double Denim

Okay so this particular look (Brit and Justin) was basically never popular. We cringe, WE CRINGE. Is it just us thinking that they definitely had denim underwear on? But SOME people gave this trend a respectable and memorable name in the ‘90s. We’re talking Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks in real life.


Britney & Justin in 2001

Twitter/ @edsbs


Tyra Banks in 1993

Twitter / @@7FAM_EU


Rihanna in 2015

Twitter / @denimology

Slogan tees

In the ‘90s, it felt like the epitome of cool to shout about your opinions and what brands you were wearing, but slogan t-shirts were well overdone and the people of the fashion world needed a break.


Now though, they’re back and we’ve missed tees that remind us to love ourselves on a day-to-day basis! Is that too much to ask? Not when you shop at Jane. Aime–toi indeed!!,/p>

Christian Siriano’s Collection in 2017

Twitter / @FootwearNews


Jane Norman slogan tee favourites

The Jane Norman Carrier Bag

Oh to be 15, wandering around the playground with our pals, Jane Norman carriers strung over our skinny shoulders – the ultimate way to prove we were on-trend and we knew it. Well ask anyone: in the age of 5p shopping bags; the plastic, eco-friendly fashion statement is back.


So why look elsewhere when it comes to rebirthing this trend? In 2017, there’s no cooler way to carry your gym kit than with a Jane Norman carrier.

Twitter / @Wingfield_pr


So they’re our top five fashion revivals – can you think of any we missed? Tell us over on Facebook now! We could chat about ‘00s trends forever. Otherwise, shop new-season style at Jane Norman today and return to 2017 with a fashionable bump!