You don’t realise how amazing student discount is until you lose it – trust us! We all spend three or four years feeling a little less guilty about every purchase because we get an extra 10, 20 or 30% off the actual spend (even if that just makes us buy something else to make up for it – we’re only human). It’s even better when you’re in checkout end game and you’d forgotten until that moment that £40 is to become £32… *sigh*


Anyway, we remember how much we enjoyed it when we were in Uni, so we do our best to look after our student shoppers. That’s why we currently have 30 WHOLE PERCENT off all full-price purchases when you shop online through Student Beans. Dresses, shoes, swimwear, the works!


But that’s not all. We also remember that we spent hours wondering where else we could get student discount, and we have some amazeballs ideas for making the most of your last few months of it. So before you graduate into the big wide world of work, we’d suggest looking through the student bucket list; tick them all off and make sure you can look back on your discount days with no regret!

Get active!

If you’re our sort of student (the wrong kind really) then you probably aren’t used to getting out of bed early and getting active for the day. BUT there are some awesome activities you can get discounted tickets for as a student and we’re not talking about walking tours. Look out for the exciting theme parks you’ve always wanted to visit, adult fun runs, go karting and paintball. Try rock climbing or zip lining – you never know, under that on-trend ensemble there might be an adventurer just waiting to come out!


Student Discount


Eat a whole lot of junk food

Turn on Netflix, turn down the lights and order a takeaway. It will never again be this cheap to fill yourself with fried chicken or pizza, then lie on your back for 3 hours while it digests. (You don’t do that? Just us?) You can always join the gym once your exams are over – those things are stressful!


Student Discount


Stock up on stationary

Speaking of exams, having pretty new stationary makes it feel like we can accomplish anything – we don’t know why! But it’s like when you write a list about things you need to do; you haven’t done any of the jobs yet but you feel SO organised, you can’t believe it. Stationary isn’t cheap though, so find a discount for some quality stuff and hopefully it will last a while after you graduate!




Go on a banger of a night out

We’re really driving it home that being at Uni is a pretty unique experience – is it obvious that we miss it? There’s no other time you can go out on a Tuesday night with absolutely no consequences, so you can’t blame us really.


Find the best club with student tickets and drinks (we’d recommend using Design my Night, gather your girls together and have a GREAT time. You guys have earned it. For SS17, go all out with sheer fabrics, playful pastels, choker designs and the girliest lace.





We’d love to hear about the best use you found for your student discount (other than shopping obv). Talk to us on Facebook and browse stylish garms at Jane Norman today – but don’t forget that discount code!