Never has the payday struggle been more real than it has been in January. It was touch and go for a while but after a long month of scrimping and struggling you’ve finally made it through. You may feel like the ultimate baller now and be tempted to splash that cash but don’t forget all you’ve been through to get here…

The wait

Getting paid early In December was a godsend at the time but it turned out that spending your monthly food budget on last minute gifts wasn’t a good shout. As the days turn into weeks, every second is a struggle. The struggle is real and the wait is long…


The plotting

Would a second job really be that bad? How much did that Martin Lewis say I could get for switching bank accounts again?


These are just some of the questions we’ve asked ourselves throughout January. You’re convinced that it is the time to come up with that get-rich-quick plan just like Lord Sugar, if only you could just think of something realistic…



The constant checking

You know full well which date your payday falls on as you count down to it each month but maybe this month you got it wrong. Or payroll got it wrong. Or maybe some random money has landed into your account courtesy of the universe who obviously would want to help a girl out…


So you check your account aaaand… nothing has changed. Again.


This is called wishful thinking and it happens to the best of us. Don’t stress though after all, nothing lasts forever – not even ‘insufficient funds’.



The dread at the till

We’ve all been there – your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, thinking ‘OMG please don’t say it’s been rejected Debbie’…


Sound familiar?


There’s nothing worse that presenting a cashier with a card you’re not sure is actually going to allow the wine and ice cream that you’re trying to buy but it’s always worth a try right?!


As the card is handed back to you with your stuff, you literally feel the relief flood over you. You then mentally thank all gods whether you believe in them or not, promise never to go that bold at the till again and scuttle out of the shop.



The unaffordable wishlist

Why is it that it’s only when you can’t afford things that they become up for grabs?


Britney Spears tickets, Mean Girls’ themed brunches, that guy from S Club 7’s Brit Award – the list of things that we’ve wanted that have been out of our budget this month has been relentless.

After a hard month’s scrimping you now have a hella long wishlist to tackle but still no funds to make those dreams become a reality.



The joy

You wake up contemplating whether you really need your job as you do most mornings but then you remember – today is the day!


You wish everyone you meet ‘Happy Payday’, assuming everyone was waiting just as intently for it as you. You spend a tenner on random stuff you didn’t need from the corner shop, because you can. You buy a fancy coffee and tell the barista to keep the change, because you can…


It feels so good and you’re not even slightly sorry.



The splurge

If you actually had any spare cash to play with in January you were probably restricted to shopping sale only, meaning that you had to skip past all of the gorgeous new in that’s out there. (Ours is looking pretty good right now, BTW)


Not today!


Now that you don’t feel limited by a seriously strict budget, you go to town filling your basket with everything you please because if anyone deserves a treat, it’s you!



The shock

So you’ve bought all of the stuff you wanted and paid your bills which means that you must have just about enough left to book that holiday that you so badly need right?


You check your account and confirm that you can indeed afford to travel – to the other side of town, that is!


The money is almost gone already and you couldn’t be sadder. Hey ho, at least you have those ridiculously expensive shoes that you bought yourself for Valentine’s to look forward to…



The wait part 2

Back to where you started – the dreaded wait. As much as you can’t believe that you’re back to counting down the days until payday, you’re actually not that surprised either TBH.


Look on the bright side though, at least there’s no six week wait to contend with this time!


Repeat after us – you will be better with money next month, you will, you will, you will…