After overindulging at Xmas we go full steam ahead with good intentions of doing Dry January and staying alcohol-free for 31 whole days. Sounds great, until you remember exactly why January is typically the most depressing month of the year in the first place…


Basically we’re fat, skint and fed up and if we ever needed alcohol, it’s NOW!



The sober living thing isn’t all doom and gloom though! If you’ve also been doing Dry January your skin and eyes will probably be looking brighter by now, you’ll have been sleeping much better plus, you’ve saved tonnes of cash AND calories.



With this being the third weekend that you’ve stayed in, you’re probably starting to struggle. We’re going to re-remind you of the money that you’re saving by avoiding your go-to bevs and show you what you can spend that doller on from our new in range instead…

Five Medium Vino Blancos OR This Beaut Floral Bodycon Dress

Going on nights out over Xmas made us realise exactly how much we hate paying more for a glass of wine in a bar than we would for a bottle at the shop.


If you’re used to sipping on £5 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, just think how much you’re saving on a Friday night in! With the cash that you’ve saved why not treat yourself to this Black Bodycon Dress instead?


Five Pornstar Martinis OR an On-Trend Wrap Coat

Unless there’s a buy-one-free offer on at the bar, cocktails are notoriously pricey.

If you usually pay around £7 a pop, you can afford this on-trend wrap coat by skipping five drinks!


Two or Three Proseccos OR this Berry Ribbed Bodycon Dress

Obviously, you can pretty much spend as much as you like on Prosecco. For a decent glass of fizz, we often find ourselves spending around £8-£10.

If you’re giving your bod a break this month, avoiding two or three glasses of fizz can easily help you afford this super versatile new dress that you can take from desk to dinner with ease…


A Round of Drinks for Work Pals – Who Disappear Before Their Round – or THE Most Versatile pair of Heels

Hands up if you’ve been a victim of round skippers when out with your work pals at the end of the day. Are you one of those super-nice people who gets a round in early doors, find that you’ve spent 40 smackers on it and then four people leave before they buy you a drink back? All of us sometimes, TBH.

Leave the politics behind and get your fine self home to order these super versatile boots that will be perfect for when you make your big return on the social scene…