Everyone who reluctantly returned to the gym a month or two ago, join us in saying: ARGHHHH! If, like us, you’re mid-way through your new clean-eating, abs-building bikini-body plan for summer, we’re here to remind you again – we know we bang on about it – that the odd treat can be beneficial to your diet (scratch that, your ‘regime’. We’re being so healthy about this).


In fact, lots of fitness experts think that a cheat day can increase a slowing, low-cal metabolism and can even be good for your mental health! We hear that. We are definitely emotionally invested in food.



There’s loads of pressure to make the most of your cheat day though – self-inflicted sure, and the fact we even worry about how to spend it, is the ultimate first-world problem – but we can’t deny that we do!


How do you make sure that you’ve had something completely delicious? That you’ve savoured every mouthful, to satisfy your cravings until next treat day? Check out our fantasies for embracing the cheat day here and get together with your girls to try them out! They are probably massively unhealthy though so we aren’t genuinely endorsing these… unless you agree. In which case we are.


The Ultimate Screen Experience

We’re not talking 3D or super-millionD or whatever. We’re talking about going to the cinema and getting WHATEVER you want. Hotdog, slushy, popcorn, pic’n’mix – the works! The beauty is, we normally have a second reason for not doing this – cinema PRICES! But for one day, don’t feel guilty about the money, imagine how much you’ve saved from clean eating and cutting down on meals out. You deserve this!


Eating, sitting, and getting lost in a movie – our three favourite things after buying new clothes.




Bake It Till You Make It

Take a class where you get to eat the spoils. Whatever your poison (and by poison, we mean taste sensation) you’ll find a class suited to it. From biscuit-icing and cake-baking for the sweet-toothed, to bread-making for carb-lovers. You might acquire some new skills and you’ll feel like you really worked for your treat, in a good way.




Throw a Cheat Day Party

Reward yourself and your healthy-eating pals with a cheat day party. One of the girls at Jane does this almost every Saturday with her friends and they have a BALL because everyone is in a great mood (obv). Make punch, serve tapas or fondue and MAKE YOUR OWN PINATA. Kids don’t get to have all the fun in our book. You could even play a naughty card game like Cards Against Humanity and give sweet treats as rewards for each win!


Head for an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!

There’s no better way to ensure you can have a bit of everything you fancy! Indian, Chinese, Italian, American – the world’s your oyster!



And the Classic…

Get in your lounge pants, make a DIY cocktail and order a takeaway! You’ve earned it.



Do you have any more ideas for our next cheat day? Spill the beans on our Facebook page or Tweet us and stock up on cheat day comfies at Jane Norman today!