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For your fix of the hottest trends, behind the scenes at Jane Norman HQ and all the must know gossip…

Sandal Season Cometh: TOENAIL TRENDS

How is it fair that we only get to wear sandals for like a quarter of the year? They're so beautiful and we can't stop buying them!

Steal Their Festival Style for Glasto

In just under a month, one of the biggest festivals in the UK will open its doors, and everybody lucky enough to score a ticket has started thinking about

Attention Final Year Students: It’s Time to Use Your Student Discount before You Lose It!

You don’t realise how amazing student discount is until you lose it - trust us!

Cheat Night, Treat Night

If, like us, you're mid-way through your new clean-eating, abs-building bikini-body plan for summer, we're here to remind you again.

Summer exercise ideas you’ll actually enjoy

Spring is upon us ladies and it’s not long until summer will start rearing its beautiful head. We think we speak for everyone when we say, YAY!

Date Night Etiquette

Whether it's the relationship's first or 500th, never underestimate the importance of date night! Early dates are a great opportunity to get to know your

The Spring Getaway Edit

It’s time to start prepping for spring (in body and in mind) and book a getaway. Make sure you prep your suitcases with new in spring trends too.

Valentines Day

Take Charge This Valentine’s Day

Your man might great at everything else, but if he can’t come up with something special Valentine's day, then you may need to take control.

Reboot Your Resolutions

People who don’t do resolutions just LOVE to point out the odd slip-up don’t they? But don't give up! We have some great tips for rebooting your resolutions