If 2018 has provided us so-called millennial girls* with anything so far it’s the chance to reminisce – a lot! Whether you’re 25, 35 or somewhere in between, you’re guaranteed to have been feeling slightly nostalgic as of late.


It began with Britney announcing her UK tour before her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake (AKA our first serious mythical relationship after Peter Andre) also got in on the throwback action.


Anyone who once knew him as Trousersnake (LOL) will remember those infamous poodle curls and how much we just couldn’t get enough of them! Well, JT played at the Superbowl earlier this month making it no less than 14 years since he accidentally revealed Janet Jackson’s boob on stage at the same event. Did we also mention that Like I Love You came out in 2002?!


As if all of that didn’t give us the ninenities/noughties nostalgia feels enough, then whatever is actually happening with the Spice Girls also happened earlier this month! As any girl still growing out her super-skinny eyebrows from the good old days will know, the Spice Girls were life.


We practiced their dance routines in the playground and constantly argued with our BFF’s about which Spice we were most like – ‘But I’m definitely more Sporty than you Sarah because…’. The original pioneers of girl power are the real deal and while we’re still not sure if/when they are touring or releasing an album, we literally couldn’t be more excited at the potential of a reunion!


While we wait and see WTH Spice Girls are actually doing this year, get ready to don some popper joggers and take a look at some of these other almost-forgotten blasts from the pasts…


*If you were almost old enough to legally drink in 2000 and are horrified by the thought of 18 year olds sharing the same childhood memories as you, chill! The term ‘millenial’ refers to those born 1982-2004.

Dream Matte Mousse

It was orange, it was round and it cost around seven pound but would we have left the house without it? Hell no!


Before MAC, Estee Lauder and Fenty Beauty took over our make-up bags there was Dream Matte Mousse. Who else would be furious when the girls at school would want to borrow some and then proceed to dig their finger right into your precious pot? SAME!


It only came in about five shades that weren’t really the colour of anyone we’d ever met but it didn’t matter. If you had this you were basically living the IT girl life, like Paris Hilton or something…

Nineties Nostalgia


The Simple Life

Before the Kardashians were a thing and when Kylie Jenner was about six years old, there was The Simple Life. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie provided us with hours of hilarious entertainment by getting jobs they weren’t very good at and saying ‘that’s hot’ a lot.


FYI: Kim Kardashian was actually Paris’ assistant at the time and it was on this show that she was sort of discovered when Paris famously asked her -“Did you clean my closet yet?” BURN!


Nineties Nostalgia


Belly button, eyebrow & lip piercings

If you’ve still got one of these from way back when and didn’t lose it to infection, you’re probably the winner of an actual Guinness World Record – congrats!


All jokes aside, these piercings were everywhere. We begged our mums to let us have them done 547 times before they finally caved, only for them to go green and fall out anyway. If you’re anything like us this is where the saying ‘Mum is always right’ first proved itself to be true!


Nineties nostalgia

Bang on the Door

Looking back we could have probably drawn these characters ourselves but we absolutely loved it when Bang on The Door did it instead! Back when the word groovy was considered cool and not a bit weird, these sort of characters were everywhere. Groovy Chick was our personal fave and was responsible for us wanting our whole bedrooms painted lilac, until this next brand took over our lives that is…

Nineties nostalgia


If Bang on the Door and their cutesy characters weren’t ‘edgy’ enough for you as you got older, you probably turned to Playboy. As a generation, our investment in this brand’s tacky merchandise was substantial – we’re talking the jewellery, the stationary, the bedroom future – nothing was safe from that rabbit’s head!


We know what you’re thinking – yes, if the 14 years olds of today decided to wear Nuts magazine’s logo as their badge of pride there would be literal uproar. It’s ok though because these were the noughties and it was so ok in fact, that you could even buy this sort of stuff in Argos and WHSmith!


Nineties nostalgia

Sabrina’s Secrets Magazine

If memories of watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and her sassy black cat Salem weren’t enough, who remembers the magazines?! Every week we would get Mum or Dad to pop down to the newsagents on a Saturday morning and grab us our latest copy, which always came with a free gift!


Said gifts included glittery hair mascara, glittery lipgloss, glittery glitter and a very fetching blue eyeshadow that would take more than a Simple wipe or three to remove nowadays!


Nineties Nostalgia


Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

We were never really that fussed on going to ASDA until Mary Kate & Ashley came out with their awesome merchandise. We couldn’t get enough of the clothes, the make-up, the VHS, the books…


The green shampoo and yellow conditioner were our personal highlights though – even if they did make us ugly cry like Kim K every single bath time without fail! In case you were wondering, the twin ‘girls’ that we looked up to so much are actually 31 now – feeling old yet?!


Nineties nostalgia


The Jane Norman bag!

We literally could not do this post without giving a shout out to our iconic bags – if you didn’t carry your PE kit in one of these, who were you?!


Nineties nostalgia